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"Location, Location, Location..."

There’s a science to bargain shopping  you know?  Yep.  Bargains don’t tend to just leap into your lap (or shopping cart in this case).  You have to put some thought into it, develop a strategy even.   
One of the key components to finding good deals is location.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “Well, my ______ doesn’t have deals like that.”  I think those type of thoughts and statements, somehow let us off the hook.  They make us feel like the people who get all the "good deals" have some sort of bargain super power, or just happen to live by all of the “good stuff”.  I beg to differ.  Often, they just have a strategy. 

Lauren Shaw, Rachel Sutherland, Donna Scottme

Case in point; This past weekend I took a little road trip with the Habitat Restore bloggers to one of our Metrolina Restore locations in Hickory, the Catawba Valley Restore. Shout out to the manager Jeff who was fantastic!

If you don’t know much about the area, Hickory, NC is renowned for furniture production. Hickory is home to one of the oldest furniture manufacturers in the United States that is still located and operated on the original site. Hickory White, formerly known as Hickory Manufacturing Company, was built in 1902 and has been in continuous operation ever since.  So, it stands to reason that this location would have lots of great furniture finds. 

 It did! Both new and used, we found tons of great deals on furniture.

Ottoman look familiar?  That's what I thought too. Check this out- CLICK HERE

Did I mention everything was 50% off?  They even had upholstery fabric for $3.00/yard and HALF OFF!

Was it exactly close to my home?  No.  Was it worth the 60 mile trip for the great finds? ABSOLUTELY! 

Some time you have to get off the beaten path, beyond suburbia or the city to find the “good stuff”.  Think about it, there is likely less competition for it.  I use this strategy ALL the time.  I’ll travel 30 miles away to go to a less frequented retailer who’s having a big sale, simply because I know that the folks going to the one around the corner from me are looking for the exact same thing I am.   After all, birds of a feather.  So, break away from the flock every now and then and you probably won’t be disappointed. 

I'll share more about my finds on the Habitat Blog later. Until then, remember it's all about the location. 

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Yolanda said... Reply To This Comment

WOW!!!!! you guys got some awesome stuff. I still say you are a deal magnet and it's also about the company you keep, so give me shout the next time you find a great deal.

Crystal said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for the tip! I will definitely have to make a road trip to Hickory.

DecRenew Interiors said... Reply To This Comment

Woo Hoo! Love it!

Dwell by Cheryl said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for the comments ladies.We found SO many great deals.

Kacy said... Reply To This Comment

Are you talking about me?? ;-)

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