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"A Few Updates"

I’ve been busy working on several clients this week and honestly haven’t had a lot of time to thing about the blog. I did want to post a couple of updates and share some exciting news.
First, several of you asked about the full view of my bar cart.  It actually wasn’t an oversight; I purposely didn’t include a frontal view.  You see, when I removed the drop leaf sides, I had to remove the screws that held it in place.  Unfortunately, that meant that I would be exposing the unfinished (unstained) wood underneath.  Urgh!  The best laid plans…
I did my best to stain it to match, but to no avail.  However, you asked for it, you got it.  Here’s a true before and after. 



In other news, AThoughtful Place blog regularly features a Friday Eye Candy post on her blog.  She hosts contest on Instagram and selects the featured photos from among the submissions.  Last week she asked her followers to submit their favorite Home Goods finds, so I posted this recent client project as my entry.

 Lo and behold, guess who made the Friday Eye Candy feature? 


Click HERE to see the others featured (I'm in great company)

Yep. And it gets better. Apparently Home Goods picked it up and decided to post the picture on their Instagram account for their 72,000 followers to view.  Whoa!! Needless to say I was (am) speechless. 
Wow! That’s a whole lotta "likes".  And these days, I could use a little....

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andersonkristi69 said... Reply To This Comment


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I was the person who asked for a frontal view... It looks great. Maybe in person it doesn't match, but it looks great in the photos! You were brilliant to see the potential in this piece without the drop leaves

Dwell by Cheryl said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks so much!

House Envy said... Reply To This Comment

That is awesome! I saw that on Instagram! Love that room and the shot is cool too! Love the table updates too! The styling makes it! Congrats and enjoy the love:)

house envy

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