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Design Bloggers Conference 2013 Recap: Content

Exactly a week since the culmination of the 2013 Design Bloggers Conference and I am still walking on sunshine.  I gained so much from the speakers that its difficult to sum it all up.  I'll do my best.

 Can you tell I was on the front row?  Mom and Dad, see all those years I listened.  : )


The stage was set and out of the gate, it was one impactful soundbite after another, as evident by the continuous scrolling #dbc2013 Twitter feed on the  conference screen that was front and center.  Conference organizer Adam Japko, President of Digital Sherpa kicked things off and made the statement that "It's ok to have a smaller blog audience, as long as you have the right audience."  I never thought about it like that, but definitely something I'll be keeping in mind.

The conference began with the renowned Windsor Smith who took us through 2013 design trends.

Windsor Smith
No question, she's a fabulous designer.  See for yourself....
Windsor Smith Home

However, what stood out to me most was the fact that she's always working to bring families together with her designs.  How powerful is it that interior designers have the ability to do just that?

Next up was a great panel discussion....

Peter Sallik, Jason Harris and Cliff Sirlin moderated by Stacy Kunstel (a.k.a Stacy Style)

...in which Peter Sallik told us to be mindful of the fact that "...you will always be behind. Someone will always have more____ (fill in the blank) than you.  Be yourself."

Jason Harris

Jason Harris, NC native and founder of The Design Network got us totally pumped.  He also managed to get my wheels turning with all sorts of video/t.v. ideas. 

The talented Susanna Salk told us to not worry so much about what's out there in the blogosphere and what's not.  "Your enthusiam will carve out your niche for you."

Kyle Hoepner, Beth Greene, Jenny Bradley and Jennifer Powell

There was also a great industry dialogue moderated by Jennifer Powell from Kravet Fabrics.

Richard Auffrey (left) and Evan Dawson (right)
The next presenter, Evan Dawson, a newscaster and wine blogger, not only served us awesome wine samples but he also shared with us the importance of story telling.  Something I admit I overlook when I'm in a hurry to get a post out there.

Rounding off day number one was the incomparable Charlotte Moss

Charlotte Moss
Seriously, I was among some of the design world greats.

Designer Charlotte Moss/via Traditional Home

Charlotte challenged us to bring it in terms of blog content.  She even gifted us with these cute hats.  Love it!

She also told us that when working with clients, it's key to "...listen beyond the words."  Great advice. 

The second day included a host of other great speakers including Hearst Design Group's Newell Turner, but the belle of the ball was the design icon Barbara Barry.  Wow!!

Barbara Barry

Barbara Barry Designs/House and Home

She had this very elegant way about her that was simply lovely.  She spoke of design as if it were a graceful dance.  It was truly poetic. She reminded us that "..inspiration is all around us."

Lastly, I think the melodic stylings of Grammy award winning Patti Austin , a design enthusiast herself, just about sum up how I felt at the end of this amazing three day adventure.

I'm gonna let it

Oh! I almost forgot. If all of that weren't enough, of the 400 attendees guess who was the first to register for the conference next year. That would be me. Who knew that as a result, they'd call me on stage to inform me that because I was so eager to attend DBC 2014, they would be footing the bill for me. I know!! I'm going next year for FREE! What a way to end the conference.

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Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Wow, sounds like quite an experience. I'm happy for you that you found a career that speaks to you and reaffirms your life goals and values. This will make it so much harder to attend those other conferences that shall remain nameless:)

Dwell by Cheryl said... Reply To This Comment

Lol! I know just the ones you mean, and no they aren't half the fun.

Susan said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for sharing info from the 2013 Design Blogger Conference. Sounds like a wealth of information. Enjoyed reading the topics you provided by each speaker.

Jennifer {Pure & Simple Organizing} said... Reply To This Comment

AWESOME news about next year!!

Storytelling .. yes! Must.do.more.

And always being behind .. but it is more important to be yourself.

Great post Cheryl!

Dwell by Cheryl said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks Susan and Jennifer. I had a fab time!

Kacy said... Reply To This Comment

Hahaha! Somehow I know just the ones you are speaking of too :-)

Dwell by Cheryl said... Reply To This Comment

Kacy, I'm sure you do. : )

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