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"My Christmas Vacation"

Well, looks like I've survived my first (half) week back at work.  It was a struggle going back, I'm not going to lie.  You never know how badly you need a vacation until you actually take one.  Mine was FANTASTIC!

In typical Back to School fashion, I thought I'd share with you How I Spent My Christmas Vacation.

It began with a nasty sinus infection that I prayed wasn't the flu.  Thank you Lord, it wasn't.  This is me in the Doctor's office waiting room.  They had a sign up that read "Sick?  Take a Mask.  Not Sure? Take a Mask".  Figured I'd better take a mask.

After the antibiotics kicked in, I spent time doing typical holiday stuff; wearing ugly (sorry Mom) holiday t-shirts around the house, wrapping presents and going to holiday functions.
I was feeling so great by the end of the week, that I hosted my blogger friend Jennifer for a little holiday lunch.
See my table HERE
On the Sunday before Christmas, I made the long trek home to Gulfport. 
Sunset on I-10 in Mississippi

It was much warmer than I cared for, but nice to be home nonetheless.

Couldn't believe my Mom had tackled two trees and done a good job with them. Go Mom!

I spent my time at home eating too much, shopping too much and doing too much running around.  Oh the holidays....

Me and big sis with one of our gifts from little sis

The Pièce de résistance
 The trip home culminated with the design project install for my Aunt.  

On Thursday, I headed back to Charlotte, but not without making a few stops along the way...

Pit Stop #1- My favorite place to get discounted name brand bedding near West Point, GA

Pit Stop #2- Playing Santa's delivery person for my little sis in Atlanta
Pit Stop #3- Quick gas station visit with my buddy Bonnie

My vacation ended with a New Year's trip to the North Carolina coast.  I'm convinced that winter is the best time to go to the beach, especially for those of us who are NOT big fans of sweltering heat.

 It's beautiful, quiet and serene.  I had a blast!

Holden Beach, NC

Ocean Isle, NC

Loved that this was "Pier One", Lol!

 Basically, we did a lot of good eating and sleeping and lots of walking on the beach.

Great Dining Spots

And of course, I had fun playing with my new toy (camera)....

Hope you enjoyed the holidays as much as I did.  If so, leave me a comment and tell me how you spent it.  Happy Friday!

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Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

So fun!! Love seeing these pics of you and your precious sisters and friends!

Dwell by Cheryl said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks Whitley! I had a great time over the holidays. Hope you did too!

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