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Hack Reveal and My First Vlog!

Hope you all had a great Christmas, I did.  It was busy but fun.  I had another successful install while I was at home in Mississippi.  But before I show you the great before and after photos, I thought I'd share how my Ikea hack turned out.  You can read more about Ikea hacking HERE, but basically it's become really popular to take Ikea's (known for being sleek and modern) furniture and make it your own. 
I've done just that with this inexpensive set of nesting tables.
Ikea Vittsjo Nesting Tables
I love a DIY project that easy and this was certainly one of those.  It required only two things:
  • The two tables
  • Gold spray paint

    Lately, I've been using Valspar, but there are numerous options.  I like this one because it goes on evenly and doesn't require coat after coat after coat.  Like I said, I like easy.
    I was feeling adventurous so I (along with my assistant, a.k.a. big sister) filmed a little video to give you a glimpse into the process and provide a quick tip.  This is my first attempt at a Video Blog (Vlog post), so forgive me if it's super cheesy.  Let me know if you like, and I'll try to do more. 
    Check it out...

    Special thanks to Charri Luckett my impromptu videographer

    And here's a sneak peek at the result and upcoming reveal....

    FYI, took this with the new camera!

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    Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

    Loved the vlog! You looked at sounded great.

    Dwell by Cheryl said... Reply To This Comment

    Thanks Margie! Must've been the media training.

    Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

    Oh my gosh girl, looks awesome!!!! So proud of you, your handy work, your vlogging and your new camera! 2013 it's gonna be on like a pot of grits! :).


    Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

    ps- thanks for the tip on how to avoid those unsightly drips! of all the spray painting i've done, and now I know the answer. thanks lady!! :)

    Jennifer {Pure & Simple Organizing} said... Reply To This Comment

    Love the tip because like Whitley I tend to get drips!

    Love the camera! LOVE it. Please update home tour pictures asap. ;)

    Love the Vlog!

    Dwell by Cheryl said... Reply To This Comment

    Thanks Jennifer! Coastal reveal coming soon. I promise.

    Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

    Too cute! What a way to finish the year! Another accomplishment to add to your 1st year of blogging! So proud of you, Cheryl!! I love the vlog since I can't seem to see you in person these days. :)

    anne said... Reply To This Comment

    What a nice idea! And how nice to meet you! You and your sister sound like fun people.

    Dwell by Cheryl said... Reply To This Comment

    Thanks Anne!

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