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"Coastal Kin"

Seems like Christmas is swiftly approaching, and I can't wait!  I'm looking forward to having some long overdue time off from the day job.  Over the holidays I'll be traveling home to Mississippi and you know I've already been roped into decorating a room for a close family member.  Normally, I do NOT work with family or close friends, but in this case I've agreed to "help". 

The room is sort of a sitting room in an older home.  It's small and has a non-functional wood burning fireplace. We've decided to go coastal with the decor since the home is actually on the coast.  A similar vibe to the ones here.

The walls are already light and new carpet in a fairly light hue has just been installed.  I picked up some fabric remnants at a local fabric store...

and I've used them to have throw pillows made for the space. 

I think they turned out really well.  I also picked up this vintage map of MS a while back ago and never used it,so I thought it may work in this space.

I had a linen matte cut for it and now all I need is a frame.  I love a vintage map.

You probably recall that I posted about the fireplace idea and I'd love to use that in this space too.

All I think I need now are:
  • Lamp(s)
  • 16"X20" frame
  • Drapes
  • Small decorative items
If Santa is good to me, hopefully I can get some pictures while I'm there to share with you guys.  Fingers crossed.  Happy Friday!

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