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"Project Reveal: Blue Boy's Bath"

Along with the Navy Nautical room that I recently completed, was a bathroom refresher.  The room is used primarily by teen boys, so we wanted to make sure we used minimal but durable items.  Since this wasn't the major project all of the items really needed to be budget friendly. 
The most surprising thing was how difficult it was to actually find a shower curtain.  I guess being a girl and a "girly" one at that, I never really noticed that there just really aren't many home decor options for boys.  In the end, I opted for a graphic navy and white strip shower curtain, similar to this one.... 


My goal was for the bathroom to tie into these.....

...both of which are connected to it.

We began with a blank slate. 

Not bad for a quickie.  I'm sure you recognize the prints that I talked about here.  A natural textured rug, new cabinet knobs, a few small non-girly accessories and there you have it.  I must admit that we didn't have time to switch out the light fixture in time, but I've recommended something like this...
Typically I'd go with brushed nickel, but in this case with the chrome fixtures and knobs, chrome works just fine.  Plus, it has a school house aesthetic that I think is appropriate for a kid's space.


Want to know a secret?  The white gallery wall frames I wanted were a little to pricey for this project, so I purchased these at Wal-Mart...
...and spray painted them.
In the world of budget design, ya gotta do, whatcha gotta do. Lol!

Hope you enjoyed....

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CantStopBaking said... Reply To This Comment

I love your budget friendly decorating! And the bathroom looks great- I love the clean, minimal look for boys :)

Dwell by Cheryl said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks so much! I'm glad you like. It really is amazing how much impact you can get for minimal $$$

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