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"Bedside Desk Reveal!"

The funny thing about being a decorator is that I don't seem to have a lot of time left for sprucing up my own spaces anymore.  You probably recall me blogging about this great desk that I found on Craigslist for $20.

I was all excited.  I made sure it fit the space......

I picked the paint color....

And then I looked at the paint sitting on the floor of my kitchen for over two months.  I know, it's embarrassing.

But finally, enough was enough and I painted my desk this week.  I'm excited to share with you how it turned out.  So without further ado, here it is....

                                  BEFORE                                                                      AFTER

I'm really pleased with the result.  I took my own advice and created a Value Priced Vignette .

A collection of Goodwill and thrift store finds along with some hardback books from my collection and fresh flowers from the backyard and I think it looks pretty good. 

(Mirror: Value Village, $5.50, Mini-framed flower print: Goodwill, $0.99)

Now if I can just figure out whether I like the white chair or the green one best.  Thoughts?

Do you like the white or the green?  Weigh in by leaving a comment.   Simply click the words Click Here to Join the Conversation just below this post.  Need help?  Read this.

8 Comments - Click here to join the conversation!:

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I prefer the white chair!

joy said... Reply To This Comment

I think the green makes more of an eclectic statement!

KIM said... Reply To This Comment

I like the white! It gives a fresher look.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I like the white too.

Dwell by Cheryl said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks guys! So far, I've received a couple of emails and FB comments and it looks like the white is ahead. Come on team green! Lol!

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Cheryl, that is such a happy little bedside table!! Love the vignette... and, hard to decide on chair color, I agree!

Eugenie said... Reply To This Comment

I'm going Green!

andersonkristi69 said... Reply To This Comment

I like the green.

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