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"Big Blue"

After attending my alma mater's Centennial Homecoming celebration this weekend, I'm feeling a little nostalgic. 

I love my Big Blue.  The bold color combo of royal blue and white not only has a place in my heart, it can also be great in interior spaces.  In my humble opinion, one of the best things about blue is its versatility.  By nature, it has a calming effect; think ocean waves or the sky on a clear day.  Royal however is much more lively and can immediately awaken a drab space.

How about using it as an accent in an entry?  You can keep things light and achieve maximum contrast by pairing the color with white accessories.  

Photo by:  Greg Scheidemann

Mary McDonald

Blue and white also works well in small spaces like a bathroom.  Wallpaper anyone?

Ammie Kim

 A bold classic stripe immediately adds depth to a small awkward space.

Prego Sem Estopa

If you're afraid of the commitment to blue walls, upholstery can be a great way to incorporate such a fun color. 

Source:  Erik Goldstein Photography

Needless to say, this last one had me at pink.  Adding an accent color (which is easy to do with blue hues) is yet another great option.  Not a pink fan?  Orange, Khaki, Yellow, Red and Green are all viable options.

Mary McDonald

Ever thought about decorating in your school colors?

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Michael said... Reply To This Comment

who knew blue was so versatile? interesting. lol.

Dwell by Cheryl said... Reply To This Comment

I know Michael. I absolutely love it with the pink! Surprise, surprise.

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