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"Goodwill Hunting- Part 2"

Since I received such great feedback on yesterday's post, I decided to produce a sequel. I had a chance to stop by the Goodwill in Cornelius, NC today.  A "shout out" to Goodwill of the Southern Piedmont which happens to have a great blog- (Wow! Goodwill) check out the link on the sidebar. 

So, today I saw a few things I thought I'd show you.  For starters, this cane back chair had loads of potential. 

Quite frankly, at $7.99 any chair might start to look good.

Of course, I came home just to see what I could've done with the chair I passed on and I'll be darn if I didn't find this picture from fellow blogger Annette of One Perfect Room. So cute. 

Photo Source
 Then I saw this sort of rustic wood set of chairs. 

For $7.99 each, I could already see it with fresh recovered cushions.  Maybe something like this mid-century modern chair. 

Photo Source
 I came back two times to look at these branches mounted on painted wood.  Not sure if it was the light blue or the organic nature of them that intrigued me, but I kind of liked them especially for $4.99 each.

The branches were affixed with wire and could probably be easily removed and painted.  The pieces were almost identical to these.

Photo Source

I could totally see them in a baby nursery as art.  Similar to the vibe created with these branches hung on the ceiling.

Photo Source

And lastly, you know my affinity to French Provincial furniture.  This night stand was just too cute to last.

Needless to say, at $12.99 I wondered if the man who carried it out while I was still browsing was going home to do this.....

Photo Source

Doubt it.  

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Genie said... Reply To This Comment

Can't wait for you to visit NOLA to see what I have 'salvaged'!!! Thanks for the inspiration! XOXO Genie

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Cheryl! We love the post. Thank you so much for being a wonderful Goodwill ambassador. We would love to share one of your posts on our blog! Please email us at lelia.king@goodwillsp.org if you are interested.

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