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"Distance Decorating Decoded"

I’m so glad to hear from so many of you that you are enjoying my post.  I’m even more excited about the fact that I’m in some way inspiring you to make some changes in your own dwelling.  That is after all, one of my goals.  I hope that each time you visit; you come away with a new idea or sparked inspiration that will help you to realize that even you can do many of the things you see on tv and in magazines.

Because I’m fairly new to the blogosphere, I keep a close watch on my blogs stats.  Actually, I’m probably a little addicted.  By the way, if you’ve yet to SIGN-UP, what are you waiting for?  Tell your friends, follow me on Twitter, share my post on Facebook, repin my pins on Pinterest, comment on my portfolio on Houzz.  Sorry, I digress…..

So far, it seems as if you favorite post was Design in the City, where I told you of my first Distance Decorating project.  Well, I’ve completed the layout and thought I’d share it too.  Hopefully, this gives you a better sense of what my Distance Decorating is all about.  Basically, you receive three resources. 

  • The Idea Board- provides an overall sense of the scheme for the room.  It includes a compilation of the elements to be included in the design plan.  For those non-visual readers out there, this is for you.  You’re able to “see” how the room will ultimately come together.

  • The Source List- a detailed listing of the source and pricing for all items recommended for the design plan.  Think of it as a virtual shopping list.  The client can use the listing as a guide for what items should be purchased, either exact or items similar to those recommended

·         The Layout- four to six 3-D pictures of the room from every angle based on measurements submitted. 

Pretty cool, huh?  Get your funds together because this service will be available soon!

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Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

wow. i am not a fan of decorating and all the stuff involved with it but these posts are great. i am slowly becoming more interested in how these things all come together. who knew??. Mike W.

Dwell by Cheryl said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks so much Michael. I'm thrilled you're enjoying the post!! I'm available for hire. : )

Nadia said... Reply To This Comment

Cool. What program/software do you use to create the 3-D layout?

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