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See It, Like It, Do It! - "Front Door Project"

When I purchased my first single-family home in 2007, I recall being so excited about
decorating.  From the inside out beginning with the front door, I had big plans.  While perusing through an issue of Blueprint magazine I stumbled upon this great idea for a front door color. 

Blueprint Magazine (Martha Stewart)

I remember thinking, “I want that to be me.”  Sitting on the front stoop reading the Charlotte Observer, sipping my Community Coffee..   You get the idea.  So I went for it.  I painted the door with Olympic's Fuzzy Navel and loved the result. 

I know, a bit bright, but very happy and most importantly very me.  I liked it, but apparently the  HOA didn’t, as I received a notice shortly thereafter stating that my fabulous color selection was not an “APPROVED” color option.  Hmmm, I thought I paid the mortgage?  Oh well, the best laid plans…. 

MEG Photography

Front door now, not nearly as “happy” but very much in compliance. I guess it’ll have to do.  Nevertheless, you get the point.  I saw it, I liked it and I did it, and so can you!

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Amanda G Smith said... Reply To This Comment

Awww! I loved the yellow door :-)

Dwell by Cheryl said... Reply To This Comment

So did I Amanda! Oh well. Maybe at the next house.

Dominick said... Reply To This Comment

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