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Spring 2020 One Room Challenge - Week 6

Soft-scaping and Functional Solutions

After a week of pause, I'm back with another update of my One Room Challenge, Old, New, Borrowed, Blue Kitchen Redo project!
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This week, I'm breaking down some of the softer selections along with a couple of the more functional additions to the space.   Let's begin with seating, shall we?

  With the addition of the new overhang on the kitchen island, I was able to add a couple of bar stools.  I've long since wanted seating at my island but never got around to making it happen.  My kitchen isn't large, so I needed the stools to be pretty sleek in style, but I was dead set on having some sort of seat back.   I decided to reach out to one of our vendors to see if they'd be interested in working with me on the project.  To my delight, Designmaster was ALL in!  I'd stumbled upon them at High Point Market last year and had since began sourcing them for my client's dining seating.   

After combing through the endless selection of beautiful bar stools, I landed on the Madera counter stools.  The height was perfect, but the short and streamlined back also provided some support without taking up too much space.  I love that their stools come with the memory swivel which allows them to swivel but returns them to a straight position automatically.  
I knew that with the right color these could be some pretty awesome stools.   Not to mention, I had the option of adding a fancy nailhead trim.  Yes please!

The folks at Designmaster did a phenomenal job.  The Operations Manager even delivered them to my doorstep when they were done.  I mean, talk about top-notch service.  

They turned out even better than I imagined.  As if the stools weren't enough, Designmaster also agreed to supply me with four dining chairs to pair with my Magnolia banquette from the Belle by Cheryl Luckett collection for Sylvester Alexander.  

Here I needed something classic and simple.  I previously had a set of Louis chairs and I felt as if the squared back was the way to go again.  I landed on the Knollwood side chair.  One of the many reasons I love Designmaster is the fact that they offer Revolution Performance Fabric.  Crazy as it is, I've been the Brand Ambassador for Revolution for almost 3 years now and it wasn't until I added the Magnolia banquette that I actually owned any in my own home.  I was certain my dining chairs would be Revolution, so I went with their classic base cloth, Grande.

We dressed things up with a contrasting welt and I think it adds just the right touch.  Did I mention that these are the most comfortable dining chairs EVER? 

Once the seating was settled on, I needed to figure out my rug.  I went back and forth trying to source the right one for the main dining area.  I was pretty sure I was going vintage on the runner so the larger rug needed to be a quiet one.  In the end, the winner was a simple, navy, bordered wool rug that anchors the area and adds a dark rich layer to the space.  

You know they say, good things come to those who wait.  They're right!  I had completely given up on the right size and color vintage rug appearing in the inventory at Rug Lords in time for this project.  I'd spoken with the owner back in February about sponsoring a rug for my space but after waiting months on the perfect size and color to arrive (thanks Covid-19), I had to abandon the plan and start looking online.  I'd found an option and actually ordered it when this beauty popped in my IG feed. 

Rug Lords
It was perfect!  But I'd already ordered one. 😫
I reached out anyway and confirmed the sizing and decided to try it out "on approval".  After sleeping on it, I knew it was the one and I circled back with the online vendor and was fortunately able to cancel my order just in time.   Yay!

Such a beautiful addition to the space.  

Now, let's talk upholstery.  If you know me, you know it's not a DBC project until Mark Baity of Baity's Custom Upholstery get's his hands on it.  So, needless to say, my kitchen project was no exception.  I called Mark in to help me with a window cornice and a set of upholstered doors. 

I found the cornice design online and we made a few tweaks.  The fabric was selected really early on in the project but I decided at the last minute to add the blue Brentwood Textiles welt.  

Mark NEVER disappoints.  I couldn't love this cornice more.   In addition, I've been obsessed with upholstered doors since I did them in a client project a couple of years ago.   So when it came time to decide what I was doing with my laundry closet doors, this seemed the logical option. 

With so much going on in this kitchen, we opted for a classic design (Shocker, I know!), but we glammed them up with this STUNNING Addison Weeks Hardware.  

Addison Weeks
This is the Enamel Star Backplate and the Scallop Knob from the Michelle Nussbaumer collection.  I am absolutely obsessed with this hardware!

Like I said.  Mark NEVER disappoints...

In terms of function in the kitchen, I needed to address the sad area above my fridge.  It had a small (unreachable) cabinet above it that was good for ABSOLUTELY nothing.  

We worked with a local cabinet maker to craft something that would provide additional storage and house my tv as well.  

In order to maximize the light in the space, we added antiqued mirror to the doors and a decorative mullion detail to spice it up a bit. 

Another shoutout goes to Baity's Custom Upholstery for being my last-minute solution for these.  Delayed shipping issues and a few fails on the part of some local businesses had me scurrying to make this element happen. 

Here's what the cabinet looks like.  I tried my old tv in it for size and I love how it works.  

I'm loving the look of it and how it completely conceals the new tv.  It's in the perfect spot for cooking and viewing and with the addition of a pull-out tray is visible from the banquette seating too. 

I mentioned in my first post the need for a landing zone at my back entrance.  I was desperately in need of a place to drop my keys and glasses, purse and other essentials as well as a place to check myself on the way out.  

I reached out to my friends at Wildwood Home and they graciously agreed to help me with this cute little corner.  
Wildwood Home
I ended up selecting this beautiful Pomegranate Blossom Mirror. It features an interlinked pomegranate blossom design inspired by an ancient Indian necklace in The Museum Of New Mexico. (Love that!)

Next, I needed a small cabinet for storage.  Needless to say, I wanted something colorful and with Wildwood's Custom Color Collection, the options were only limited to the multitude of colors available through Benjamin Moore. 

I went with a rich golden color called Apple Crisp that helped to tie back to the kitchen accents and seating.  Little did I know how amazing the color would actually look on the piece when I was done. 

I love it!  I love it all!

Stay tuned until next week when I'll be sharing all of the personal touches that are making this kitchen my own.  In the meantime, check out the other featured designer's posts...

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Ashley said... Reply To This Comment

I adore your bold use of color. Your kitchen is going to be absolutely stunning based on the sneak peaks above. I cannot wait to see the full reveal!

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Talk about anticipation. I cannot wait for the final reveal!!

Dwell by Cheryl said... Reply To This Comment

@Ashley Thanks! I'm excited too!

Dwell by Cheryl said... Reply To This Comment

@Unknown Can't wait either!

Brooke said... Reply To This Comment

Can’t wait! Love the blue and yellow pops! Wooooo!

Dwell by Cheryl said... Reply To This Comment

@Brooke Thanks!

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What a stunning transformation! I love how every detail was carefully thought out and executed precisely. It's incredible how a few simple changes can completely transform a space. Congratulations on a job well done, Cheryl!

Cizzy said... Reply To This Comment

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licensed career counselor said... Reply To This Comment

Oh, Cheryl, your attention to detail in the "Old, New, Borrowed, Blue Kitchen Redo" project is nothing short of amazing! Your story about the vintage rug popping up just when you'd given up hope resonates so much with me; I had a similar experience last year when redecorating my living room. The universe really does work in mysterious ways!

Gjed said... Reply To This Comment

The attention to detail in your kitchen project is truly impressive! The bar stools and dining chairs from Designmaster, along with the carefully chosen upholstery and stunning mirror from Wildwood Home, have added a touch of elegance and functionality that perfectly complements the space. Well done!

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