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Spring 2020 One Room Challenge - Week 1

The Backstory

Today's the day!  I'm so beyond thrilled to be joining the ranks of those participating in the Spring 2020 One Room Challenge(ORC)!  If you're not familiar, the ORC is a six-week (this time eight-week) event that fosters creativity and inspiration and provides a forum for support, encouragement and community while participants transform a room from top to bottom.  The event began in 2011 and has grown exponentially over the years.  Better Homes and Gardens magazine serves as the official media sponsor for this inspiring biannual event.

I am so very honored to be one of the twenty design influencers selected as a featured designer this round.  Happy to say, I'm in good company.  

If you're new here, you should probably know that I'm an Interior Designer based in Charlotte, NC who runs a boutique design firm creating classic, cultured, colorful and cozy interiors for my clients.  I'm a Registered Dietitian by trade who worked for 15 years in the corporate space and came to design as a second career.  It all began with the launch of this blog in 2012, six years of night classes in design school and a whole lot of hustle.  I made my exodus from Corporate America on December 30, 2016 and haven't looked back since.  If you like, you can follow me @dwellbycheryl on the following platforms:

When Linda, creator of the ORC, reached out back in January about me participating, I'm pretty sure I heard angels singing in the background.  The timing couldn't have been more divine.  I purchased my little cottage bungalow 13 years ago and over the years have worked to make it a place I absolutely love to be.  Each space is a total reflection of me and my style, that is, with one exception...

Home Circa 2008
...THE KITCHEN.   I know, I know. The kitchen is supposed to be the heart of the home, but in my house, it just isn't.  It's like that one space I've been totally avoiding for years, knowing that tackling it would be a big project.  (See for yourself.)

It doesn't get much more basic than this.  I think the last project I did in my kitchen was adding glass to a cabinet door.  It was 2013 and apparently, I thought I was really doing something because I actually blogged about it here.  Yikes!  

I'm sure I don't have to tell you since I've lived in a kitchen sans upgrade for the past 13 years, I'm not really a big cook.  Ironically though, in addition to being a dietitian, I'm also a pretty big entertainer. 😊  Thankfully my friends overlook the outdated kitchen and focus on my sparkling personality and the warm hospitality instead. 😉  From the linoleum floors, to the laminate counters, the non-existent backsplash and the outdated appliances, this space was way past needing an upgrade. 

So, so, so sad...

After signing on for the big event, I wasted no time in getting things rolling.  My genius Design Assistant Jenn suggested we approach this project like we would any other client project, and that meant beginning with a consultation.  We scheduled a time for her to come over on our off day and we took measurements and she walked me through a series of questions that got at the heart of how I needed the space to function.  

A little weird being on the receiving end and kinda funny to see the notes..crazy sketches and all.  Lol! 😂

I've actually been seriously planning to update my kitchen since 2018.   In the fall of that year, I launched my first licensed collection, a five-piece capsule collection for Sylvester Alexander furniture, called Belle by Cheryl Luckett.  Included in it is Magnolia, a Southern-inspired, tufted banquette named after my home state of Mississippi.  

I loved this piece from the moment we put pen to paper to create her and I had no doubt she'd eventually land in my home.
Magnolia - Belle by Cheryl Luckett
for Sylvester Alexander
  After showing her at the fall and spring High Point Market shows, she finally made it to her final resting place in my totally outdated kitchen.  It was at that point that I began making preliminary plans to update the space. 

I had planned to keep things pretty basic, using what I had and adding a few budget-friendly upgrades here and there.  Unfortunately, it all kept getting pushed to the back burner as my schedule became busier and more and more client projects started to roll in.  Needless to say, that all changed when I got that January call from Linda.  Praise heavens!!! 

Tune in next week, when I'll share the official updated plans for my kitchen makeover.  Until then, check out what the other featured designers are up to... 

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Clark + Aldine said... Reply To This Comment

Yesss!!! Another kitchen. I cannot wait to follow along!

Dwell by Cheryl said... Reply To This Comment

@Clark Aldine It's gonna be sooo fun! Can't wait to see yours!

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

I love all the color! It's going to turn out beautiful!

Dwell by Cheryl said... Reply To This Comment

@Unknown Thanks so much! I'm excited about it!

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