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Spring High Point Market Trends

Hey there! I'm back (believe it or not) with a little recap from this spring's High Point Market.

I always look forward to heading to High Point Market.  It's an amazing place to find new product offerings, ideas and inspiration and not to mention mix and mingle with the best in design.
This year's market didn't disappoint.  There are always so many things to see and do that it can be pretty overwhelming.  I try to stay in the moment while I'm there and really take it all in, which sometimes means sacrificing the perfect photo for a follow-up blog post. šŸ˜œNevertheless, I've rounded up a few trends that caught my attention while I was there.

For starters, channel tufting was literally EVERYWHERE!  Channel tufting seems to be making a comeback for sure.  I'll admit, I've actually replaced the look a couple of times during reupholstery projects.  However, I may be developing a brand new appreciation for it.  

Century Furniture 

Four Hands
Ambella Home 

Four Hands 

Maggie Cruz Design 

I find it amazing how a new application of an old concept can become so modern almost instantly.  I have to give my upholsterer props for calling this one.  Last fall he suggested that I use it in my teen boy's room project and thankfully I listened.

Next, it seems I couldn't turn without seeing patterned sofas.  I think I always have my eyes peeled for upholstery project inspiration so this stood out for me.  For most of my clients, I typically recommend a neutral sofa, something that will work well for years to come.  In many cases, that tends to be a solid color fabric options.  Well...that may no longer be the case.  Check out these neutral patterned options.  

Century Furniture 

Wesley Hall
Wesley Hall (Crypton) 

Wesley Hall 

Wesley Hall 

CR Laine
The options here are limitless, but I love how the pattern adds another layer of visual texture without boxing you in with a bold color. 

Speaking of bold color, it was in abundance as well at this year's spring market.  As a self-professed color lover, I love seeing showrooms filled with vibrant colors.  

Bungalow 5

Get Lit LTD

Two Cast Coins 

Century Furniture 
Jill Seale 

CR Laine 
I hate to call color (in general) a trend but I suppose it can be.  I think I'll always use it where it's in or not. 

Last but not least, folks always ask about color trends.  The good news is blush appears to be here to stay and it looked as if lilac/lavender/plum was on the rise. 

Highland House

Highland House

I was super excited about this since I'm currently working on a ladies study that's going to be filled to the brim with this hue.  Yay!

Finally, what's a market without some time to hand with my design pals? 

Rae McConville 

Rasheeda Gray - Gray Space Interior Design  

Erika Ward- Erika Ward Interiors 

Marisa Wilson- Artful Interiors and Ruthie Staalsen - DecRenew Interiors 

Until next time...

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