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"Project Teen Artist"

Popping in today to update you guys on a fun project I've just begun.  A few weeks ago I mentioned my new teenage client who happens to be an amazing artist

One of her "rough" sketches actually was the inspiration for the entire plan.  I wanted to select a starting point that would allow me to branch off with a variety of soft colors, creating a happy and soothing space for this pastel-loving teen. 

Yao Cheng Design

This Yao Cheng pillow was exactly what I had in mind.  The abstract print, hints at the client's artistic side and the soft tones are a dead ringer for inspiration sketch.

Once I decided on the direction, it was just a matter of pulling the elements together in a mood board. 

 After a little tweaking, we landed on this plan.  I'm super excited about this one.  You can expect that they'll be another vintage furniture makeover and a few surprises her and there.
The white walls will provide a great backdrop for the infusion of lots of color in the way of accessories.  We'll also be incorporating a workspace and of course the client's art work will be on display. 

I'm beginning with a blank slate, so the transformation is going to be pretty dramatic.

This one is gonna be good.  Stay tuned....

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