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"The Styling Shuffle"

I don't do changing things around in my home.  I know, it's hard to believe but I don't.  Sure, I'll upgrade pieces but generally speaking, unless I'm making over a space, I don't change things out often.  Lately, this étagère in my living room has been bugging me.

There are several things on it that I'm just not all that attached to anymore and I felt it was time to reevaluate it all.  You can read about my love for etageres on the Metrolina ReStores' blog.

You may recall last Christmas I blogged about The Nester's book The Nesting Place.  In it she mentions a concept called quieting the space.  It basically means starting from scratch. 

It's something I almost NEVER do, but I'll admit that there is value in clearing things out and starting all over again sometimes.  So that's exactly what I did this weekend.  I literally emptied the shelves and started from scratch.

With the area completely clear, I began layering on my favorite pieces one by one, carefully styling each section.   However, here's the funny thing, when it was all said and done, I ended up pretty close to where I started.  It's like I just shuffled things around.

Hence the reason I rarely start over in a space.  I think I'm just one of those strange people who knows what I like and it doesn't change that often. 

For what it's worth, here's a closer look.   

At least I was forced to really think through whether my trinkets really needed to be on display here or not.  Often, I think things just land in places and it's easier to keep them there than to make a decision regarding them.

I also pulled the two Pottery Barn gourd lamps together that I was using in separate rooms.  I purchased these shades from Ross for less than $10 each and I love the look of them here.

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These shelves gives a pleasant and decent look. Nice work there. Like that blog.

Momeni Sedona Green

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