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One Day Design Plus

Hi friends!  I'm super excited to have added a new service offering this year.  It's called One Day Design Plus.  You many recall me sharing with you my first One Day Design project last fall.  One Day Design is essentially a service created for clients who just need the value of my expertise for a single day.  It's a pretty flexible process and could include anything from selecting paint colors  to actually shopping, all during the span of a six hour period. 

Given the extensive waiting list we currently have, this service also allows clients quicker access to our services.  Sure, it doesn't include any of the custom furnishings that full-service clients receive and it also doesn't include a detailed design plan, but it is a way to quickly pull together a space with the help of a designer.  As was the case with my latest project. 

The client was a referral from a previous client and she was looking to quickly pull together a guest suite for holiday visitors.  After a phone consult, we soon met for a One Day Design service appointment. 

The day began with a tour of her gorgeous home (That rug!).  Upon arriving I concluded that she was a bit of a design junkie since there was a dogeared copy of Erin Gates' Elements of Style book. (LOVE that book!) It's always nice when a client knows what they like.

A quick chat and we hit the ground running; shopping for a headboard, bedding, drapery, seating and accessories.  Yep, it was a pretty tall order for a six hour day. Surprisingly, we were able to get a number of things checked off the list. 

However, as our time began to wind down, she realized that it would be great to have the benefit of my expertise to actually pull it all together.  So, she requested a second One Day Design service.  I gladly obliged and we set up another time.  However, given the fact that I now knew where we wanted to go with the space, I felt the need to have some flexibility to make some purchases on her behalf.  So we set a budget and agreed that I'd pick up things between then and the next appointment. 

I also knew that we'd need several things installed, so I offered to schedule my installer for the next appointment day and thus One Day Design Plus was born.

The guest room was literally a blank slate.  No really, there was nothing. 

We were able to pull everything together in our short time together and I think it turned out great! 


So, what do you think?  Not bad for two days and a little shopping in between.  This space is a great example of how things don't always have to be custom to be beautiful.  Everything seen here was purchased retail,  (Sorry, as a courtesy to my clients I don't share sources for their projects.) but I think the mix makes it look so much more custom. 

What do you think?  I've already scheduled my next One Day Design project and I'm thinking it's going to be a great addition to my service offerings this year.  You can find out more about both services on the Dwell by Cheryl Interiors website. 

Until next time...

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Cheryl, love this! You are getting sooooo good! I think the pop of yellow pulls it all together for me. Love the tapestry or painting. Are those Jill Sorenson pillows? Can you please email me? :)

LaShaun said... Reply To This Comment

Wow! This looks great!!

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