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"Weekend Updates"

I find it pretty amazing how much you can get done in a weekend.  Sure, I'm beat, but I'm
totally feeling accomplished. I was able to check two big items off of my furniture upgrade list this weekend and it actually happened way faster than I thought it would. 

One of the first furniture pieces I purchased when I moved in my current home, nearly nine years ago, was a TV armoire.  It has served me well and while it's in perfect condition, it just no longer suits my current tastes.  (BTW, I'll be listing it on Craigslist soon.)

Back at the start of the year, I spotted this beautiful Asian-styled armoire on the Lenoir ReStore's Facebook page and loved it.  As it turned out, nearly four weeks later, it was still there!  So I hit the road this weekend to go pick it up.

At the same time, I'd be giving this coffee table base I picked up at the Habitat ReStore in Hickory a lot of thought lately.  When I purchased it, I wasn't sure if I'd use it for me or a client.  I just knew it was too good to pass up.

After getting it home back in August, I decided that it may just be a little too large for my space.  I've been storing it in the garage ever since. 

After deciding to reupholster my current coffee table/storage ottoman, I knew I would need a stand-in in the meantime, so this gold lovely seemed a logical replacement.  I carted it off to the Karsey Glass on Friday and they were able to cut glass for me in a matter of hours.  

I couldn't get home quick enough to start styling. 

I couldn't be more pleased with them both.  The coffee table was the perfect way to lighten things up for Spring/Summer (yeah, I'm a little early).  I purchased this cozy Pottery Barn rug a few weeks ago as a Fall/Winter alternative to my favorite braided chenille and jute, but I'll be bringing it back out in the next couple of months. 


While the table is much larger and taller than the ottoman, the glass actually makes it take up less visual space so it works much better than I thought it would.

As for the armoire....

I couldn't love it more.  It also took me NO time to join the droves of folks that collect blue and white porcelain (although I said I wouldn't).  I've got to admit, its a pretty classic element that's very hard to resist.

I can't tell you how many times I've had guests ask, "Where is your TV?"  I love that it's tucked neatly away in a beautiful piece of furniture. 
I was able to get everything back in order just as the sun was setting on Sunday evening and I can't wait to come home in the evenings to this space.  This may just be my new happy place! 

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Yolanda said... Reply To This Comment

Wow,it's amazing how changing two things can give a room a whole new look! I love the armoire.

whome2249 said... Reply To This Comment
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