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"Present Over Perfect"

I vowed at the beginning of the year, that I'd worry a lot less about things being perfect and a lot more about enjoying what I have and where I am...right now. A friend of mine put it this way, "Present Over Perfect". With this in mind, after sprucing up my patio, I thought it was appropriate to take some time out to actually enjoy it. 

So I invited a few friends over for a casual night out on the patio.
I mean what's the point of working so hard to create a beautiful space if you never actually use it?
I kept things simple by choosing a menu that didn't require a lot of work. Summer salads were the theme and they went over BIG! Thanks to Fresh Market for the help.
Surprisingly, the weather was perfect and unseasonably cool.
I wasn't complaining because it gave me the perfect excuse to fire up the outdoor fireplace.
We had a fantastic time and I'm so glad I got over the fact that it's not perfect (in my mind) and took some time to enjoy it and those closest to me. 

  I love these ladies.
It's always my aim to make my guests feel special and appreciated so I always try to think of one thing that I can do that's a little different.  Since I love fresh cut flower so much, I decided to share some with my guests. 
A simple sign that read, "Take some blooms and come back soon!", was the perfect parting gift.  I thrifted small vases and picked up a few grocery store blooms.  A super simple way to send you guests away with a reminder of a great time.
Do you get stuck trying to make things perfect instead of being present and enjoying the moment?  I'm turning over an new leaf and kicking perfection to the curb.  The older I get, the more I realize that the only person who cares about things being perfect is....me.
Head over to the Habitat ReStore blog to read more about my newest patio addition.

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Yolanda said... Reply To This Comment

Very nice and much needed ADVICE!

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