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"My Recent Thrift Finds"

Now that my home projects are all finished (for now) I'm entirely focused on pulling together the final pieces for my client's nursery project.  I can't wait to install this project.  Who doesn't love a precious kid space?

While I've been out and about lately, I've stumbled upon some great thrift finds.  I thought I'd share a few of my favorites to get this week started.  (Sorry guys, lots of cell phone pics today.)

First off, at this year's ReStore ReStyle event, I snagged a cute sea urchin-like object.  You can see it hiding out on the third shelf with the green books in a fantastically designed space from the event's competition.
For just a few bucks, I had to have it.  It looks great in my home office and I like that it's different from the typical retail versions you see so often.

Next, you know I love the Metrolina Expo's Vintage and Antiques Show.  Last month, while digging through a yucky old box I spotted this brass bird. Yes, I have a pair already, but he was $2 and needed a home.

I rescued him and have NO regrets.  : )

Lately it seems I'm into containing things.  I mentioned my obsession with baskets as planters so when I was told that this medium sized woven delight was just $5, I snatched him up.

Well worth it.

Last weekend I took a trip to the newest Habitat ReStore (Denver, NC) in our area and scored big time!  Again, containment was a theme.  (Note: The chicken print was purchased for my farm loving friend Jennifer.)
This brass faux bamboo tray was a no brainer.  It was dirty so I cleaned it up with Barkeeper's Friend and Brasso and it now looks awesome! See for yourself.
Not to mention, it now contains a few of my favorite baubles.
I recently decided I needed my coffee gear contained and got this large tray but it bugged me that the K-cups were left out of the party.  I made it my mission to find an appropriate basket and lucked up with the $0.25 one a the ReStore.
What can I say, it's the little things.
Lastly, my latest excursion yielded many great deals.  This is just a sampling...

One of my favorites was this large $5 black ginger jar.  I purchased it with no idea how, or where I'd use it.  When I got home it became crystal clear.  It's perfect atop my fireplace mantle in my Master Bedroom.   

And this my friends, is why I thrift.  So many unique and affordable finds....so little time.

Be sure to follow the www.metrolinarestores.org/blog. Later this week I'll be blogging about my love for etageres, one of my favorite vintage furniture pieces. 

Until then....

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Yolanda said... Reply To This Comment

You scored some great deals!!! Love the brass tray

Sarah Sofia Knepp said... Reply To This Comment

Great finds! That brass tray is fab!

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