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"The Master Makeover: Week 1"

Hi Strangers!

I've been MIA recently but I have great excuses, really I do.  I've been swamped with great and exciting things.

For starters, since we last chatted I appeared on WBTV's Bounce TV to promote the Habitat ReStore's latest Blogger's Field Trip. 

We traveled to Hickory (my favorite place EVER) this time and it didn't disappoint.  For more on that little adventure you'll have to follow the ReStore blog at www.metrolinarestores.org/blog.

Thanks to the Metrolina Expo's Vintage & Antiques Show, I found myself in this month's Charlotte Home and Garden Magazine.  Yep! 

And now, in addition to working on the sweetest nursery EVER....

I'm currently running around trying to complete my master bedroom makeover in a mere three weeks.  An amazing opportunity presented itself last week and it requires that I tie up some loose ends around the house. 

There's nothing really wrong with my bedroom, it just no longer resonates with me. I decided to give it a bit of an update and blogged about it HERE.  Now, that the timeline has been bumped up a bit, I thought I'd chronicle the process here on the blog.  It was actually my friends idea but a great one nonetheless.

Each week, I'll check in with you guys to let you know my progress. 

For purposes of review, here's where the plan began. 

Week 1:

Ok, I've already had to veer from the original plan.  First, there wasn't enough fabric to get a custom tufted headboard and two sets of drapery panels.  So, I had to hit the road to find a new option.  I also changed the chair from a khaki wing back to a gray one and added these beautiful nesting tables I scored at the Habitat ReStore in Hickory to the plan.

So here's the good news....

I couldn't be happier with the fabric selections.

The embroidered trellis fabric is for the drapes and the crosshatch patterned fabric is for the custom ottomans.  I'll be using the animal print for Euro shams and of the Pyne Hollyhock that I blogged about HERE is the headboard, a bolster and a throw pillow for the wing back. 

The chair actually got picked up this weekend and is currently getting made over along with the nursery project rocker. 

Now here's the bad news....

I looked high and low for two chest of drawers, cabinets or demilune tables to flank my bed.  I mean high and low.  So needless to say when I spotted these beauties I was super excited, especially since there was a 30% off sale going on.  Much to my disappointment they had a little white tag hanging off them that read, "This Item is on LAYAWAY". 

What!!!???  Are you kidding me.  I could've cried.  They are exactly what I wanted and they'd look perfect with my new nesting tables. Unfortunately, they were taken and the hunt continues. 

I did manage to decide on a wall color, I think.  I'm leaning heavily to Oatbran by Valspar.

I need a little more fiber in my diet anyway.  Until next time...

4 Comments - Click here to join the conversation!:

Lori T. said... Reply To This Comment

I would have cried when I read the layaway tag on those side tables. They are gorgeous. I did see about a half dozen items in your picture that I would have snagged. lol

Dwell by Cheryl said... Reply To This Comment

Lori, I may just have shed a tear myself.

Yolanda said... Reply To This Comment

So happy for you!!!! WOW, I know you've been looking for chests and to score two as pretty as those was almost to good to be true anyway, but just like everything else you will find the perfect ones for you bedroom.

nottooshabbymama said... Reply To This Comment

I adore the floral fabric!!! Who makes it???!!

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