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" My Master Bedroom Makeover"

Hello, hello!  Hope you had a fabulous weekend.  I was actually able to get quite a bit done this weekend, and the 70 degree weather certainly didn't hurt.

I'm back today to share with you the plans that are currently in the works for my Master Bedroom makeover.  It's been nearly eight years and I'm pretty much over it.  It's one of the reasons you rarely see pictures of it on the blog.  I'm just not satisfied with it anymore and that means it's time for a change.  I was reminded by a reader/friend that I really do take my time in making my spaces exactly what I want them to be.  She reminded me how my living room had evolved over the three years I've been blogging.  So very true!  I'll have to take you guys on a trip down memory lane one day. It's been quite a transformation. 

For today though, let's talk about the Master.  So, I'll likely be getting rid of just about everything I currently have in the space, with the exception of the fireplace and the rug.  Yeah, you might want to be at my next yard sale.  : )  You may remember a few months ago when I scored 14 yards of the iconic Schumacher Pyne Hollyhock fabric for $49.  I blogged about it HERE.  In case you don't realize what a great deal that was, a pair of custom drapery panels made with this fabric currently sells for $1,000.  I paid $3.50/yard!  INSANE right? 

So with that in mind, the room will center around the fabric.  I'm thinking drapery and a custom tufted headboard for sure.  I just need to decide on a headboard shape.  I worked to put together a design board this weekend so I could visualize where I'm heading in my mind.  (In case you didn't know, Chintz is making a comeback.)

The only thing I can't seem to decide on is the wall color.  The above board is a personal fav of mine. I've used it in two projects already.  It's Sherwin-Williams' Balanced Beige and is a great neutral that I could see myself working with for years to come. 

The next option is the designer's favorite, Sherwin-Williams' Revere Pewter.  It's a no fail gray beige and is always a winner.  I've also used it in a project before. 

While it doesn't look like it, Sherwin Williams' Repose Gray is a great gray option (may appear a little green here, but it's really not. 

Believe it or not, I really just usually go with my gut on paint colors.  When it comes to my own spaces, I don't even do swatches.  I know, I know....Scandalous.  What can I say, I know what I like.  I'm sure it'll hit me at some point. Until then, I'm going to get to work on picking out that headboard design...

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