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Christmas Gift Ideas: Dwell by Cheryl Favorite Things

The Christmas madness has officially begun!  I can't even say I've been caught up in it really.  I've been so focused on the upcoming weekend's client project install that I've barely even thought of Christmas.  I'm known for going a little overboard when it comes to Christmas decor, but this year, it's been all I could do to get the main tree up in the living room. I've been trying to photograph it for weeks, but I can never seem to be home during the daylight. 
Oh well! This is the best I could do. 
Hopefully, you've made a little more progress than I have. 
Today I thought I'd round up some of my favorite  gifts from Christmas' past.  I'm always impressed by those gifts that just seem to strike a chord with you.  Sometimes it's their functionality and other times it's because they're sentimental, but whatever the case, some gifts just have staying power.  Below are a few of my favs for various reasons.  Some were actually on my Christmas list when I received them and a few are items I never would've purchased for myself.  However, what they have in common is the fact that I love and use them all.

1. Barefoot Dreams Robe - This robe is the robe of all robes.  It's the epitome of comfort.  No, it ain't cute, but what it lacks in beauty, it makes up for in comfort.  I LOVE THIS ROBE!

2. Extra Large Zip Top Tote - This is the hardest working tote I've ever seen.  There would be no install day without this bag.  It holds ALL of my tools and install essentials.  When you see this bag coming, you know I mean business. 

3. African Banana Fiber Angel Ornaments Some ornaments are just special and these angels are among my favorites.  I usually forget I have them, until I reach down in the bottom of the Christmas bin and discover them.  I'm always excited to add them to the tree.

4. "I Love to Blog" Silver Charm- I have an old school charm bracelet and while I don't wear it often, it's one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.  I love receiving meaningful charms to add to it.  It's like having my life's story wrapped around my wrist.

5. Silver Friendship Ball- I have had this ball for years.  Too many to count.  My friend and I pass it back and forth each year (except when we forget) and I love that it's a symbol of our friendship that dates back all they way to middle school. 

6. Chandelier Night Light - This little nightlight had me at practical and pretty.  It seems silly to be on my list, but I use this light every single night in my guest bath and if it's not on, I actually notice.  It's the little things.

7. Apple Ipad- I mean, need we say more?

My goal with gift giving is to give gifts that will last the test of time.  Whether it's a sentimental gift or a useful one, I want the recipient to see/use their gift and think of me. 

What tops your all time fav Christmas gift list? 

See more of my favorite things HERE.

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