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Fond Farewell: "The Woman Who Thinks She Can"

It is with sincere sadness that I announce the loss of yet another great intern.  I know, I should be excited.  After all, she's graduating from college and starting the next phase of her life, but I have to admit I really hate to see her go.  I've been so blessed to have had the pleasure of working with some great interns.  However, the problem with interns is their internship eventually ends.

From the first day we met, Anna has exhibited a keen sense of style.


It's been so awesome having her to bounce ideas off and to get a very honest second opinion.  Because she has such a great eye and nothing really to lose, she's pushed me to take a few more risks than I would've in several recent projects.  Sometimes you just need a little design nudge from someone who "gets it".

As a senior design student, I've relied on Anna for much of the technical aspects of my projects. She's a wiz at Auto CAD, a course I haven't completed yet, and it's been nice to not have to worry about producing layouts for projects.

She's a little chick, but worth her weight in gold on install days.  We've spent many an evening loading our cars to the max with fab finds for my clients.

She's also become the resident detagger.  You'd be surprised how much time it takes to remove all the tags from products we've sourced, many of which seem to be permanently affixed.

I will truly miss Anna, including her laid back yet positive attitude and her ability to help me lighten up a little.

Anna, the sky is the limit.  I'll tell you like my Mom always told me...

Yes you can!  Go get 'em!





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Jennifer {Pure & Simple} said... Reply To This Comment

SO sweet!!!

Anna Trakas said... Reply To This Comment

TOO sweet Cheryl! So blessed to have been able to work with you, thanks so much for everything!!! Keep doing great things!

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