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Two Day Adventures

I'm convinced that thrifting, yard sale-ing and estate sale-ing should all be two day events.  It seems that every time I partake in one of the above adventures I'm always haunted by the things I passed up the day before.

This weekend my blogging buddy Jennifer and I headed out to an Estate Sale and to a couple of thrift stores.  This place was packed with lots of great deals. 

The problem however is, sometimes in the midst of the shopping experience you don't have time to really process the potential of some of the items you're seeing.

For example, we spotted this $17 drop leaf metal work table.
Nothing special, right?  WRONG.  We both knew it had potential, but neither of us could wrap our head around how we could use it. 

Turns out, it's actually a vintage typewriter cart.  Whatever it is, I know that with a pop of fun color on it, it would be a great piece.

I eyed this set of milk glass cups at the estate sale and thought they were nice, but I couldn't think of a need for them.   Now I'm wishing I had them for their vase potential alone.  I also saw these awesome ceramic lamps while thrifting. 

The photo doesn't do them justice.  I was immediately drawn to them, but questioned if they'd actually work in my space.  Of course, after thinking about it, I realized that they'd be great on my entry table.  Urghhhh!!!

I figure if these outings were two day events, you could scope out all the great finds, think about how they could be used in your space and then return to purchase what you shouldn't have left in the first place.

Oh well, all was not lost,  I did score some great finds. 

Happy Monday! 
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