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Behind the Scenes with Maureen O'Boyle

Just before the holidays I had the amazing opportunity to work with Maureen O'Boyle on a story about budget decorating from the Habitat ReStore.  Missed it?  Check the video out HERE.

Maureen was awesome to work with and we've actually stayed in touch since.  Today I'm sharing her experience from an upcoming feature in South Park Magazine.  Maureen is a HUGE bargain hunter and loves a deal, especially on furniture and home decor.  Needless to say, she's definitely a girl after my own heart.  
via Maureen O'Boyle WBTV Facebook page

Click HERE to check out Maureen's WBTV story recapping her experience and to find out why she shops local thrift stores and resale shops for great deals and unique finds for her gorgeous home.  The article includes a slide show of behind the scenes photos from the shoot. 

Oh yeah!! Did I mention it includes a shout out to yours truly?  Hehehe! : )

Until next time....

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Shannon said... Reply To This Comment

So awesome! I saw her at a pop up shop (one that I want to take you to!) and she was buying lots of amazing things, haha. This is so cool!

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Yippeee! So proud of you, and I am dying to see the rest of her house. The above shot is amazing!

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