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The ICA Metrolina Expo

This past weekend I had a chance to go to one of my favorite places.  Do you ever find yourself somewhere and it just feels like home?  Well, that's how I feel at the International Collectibles &Antiques Metrolina Expo each month.   But this month's show wasn't just any show, it was the Spring Spectacular.  It was indeed spectacular.  Let's just say I was in heaven.

I always have the best time roaming around sifting through all of the treasures (some hidden).  This month I was excited to have Elise and Jennifer join me.

This show called for a day off, so we braved the chilly weather and headed out early on Friday to beat the crowds.  We barely made it through the front gate before we were mesmerized by the wonderfully curated finds.

Of course, I'm not one to buy someone else's DIY project, but I had to admit that this vendor's display was impeccable.  Those mason jars just looked so much more special en masse. 

This booth was just for looking, but it made for some great Instagram shots.

A few weeks ago I left a stool at the Estate Sale that was selling for $10 and I've been kicking myself ever since.  This one was there just to haunt me.  I can imagine it with a cute #1 painted on it. 
I LOVE a pendant light fixture and these had a very country chic vibe that I was feeling.  
This birdhouse was super cute, but I should've been focused on the twine wrapped bottle next to it considering that I have a pack of rope left from my recent rope DIY project.

I was in love with almost every door knocker in this bin.   Unfortunately, the lady selling them knew exactly what gems she had and had priced them accordingly.  Bummer.

I love to see other people's creative uses for what most would consider trash.  It's so inspiring.

And can I just say that I would kill for this table.  My seamstress has one similar that is to die for. 
I almost had a flashback to 1985 when I spotted these vintage Pyrex and Corning pieces.  Let's just say I spent many a Saturday morning and weekday evening standing over a steamy sink washing dishes identical to those above on the far left.  Praise God for working (ours was broken my entire childhood, or at least that's what they told us) dishwashers.
The sale was so great that I went back on Saturday (it was crazy crowded), and between you and me I could've gone Sunday too.  It was just that great.  I picked up all sorts of great finds, included by not limited to those below. 
Be on the lookout for some of these in my upcoming projects.
If you live in or near the Charlotte area, I'd highly recommend checking out the ICA Show.  You can find more info about my past trips HERE and HERE and link to their website HERE.

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Jennifer {Pure & Simple Organizing} said... Reply To This Comment

So glad that I tagged along on Friday! After looking through our pictures, I know I will be attending on a monthly basis -- big spring spectacular event or not. :)

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