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"My Latest Client Project"

My latest project is now underway.  I'm excited to get started.  The space is a guest bedroom and bath that's in need of a little updating.  Here's the initial ideaboard.

We'll be keeping the existing bed and armoire which are a bit dated, but I'm hoping with the addition of a couple of modern furniture pieces, bedding, drapes and accessories, you'll hardly even notice them.  I think it's really important to share with you guys how to use what you have.  The reality for most of us is that we can't afford to change everything, and certainly not all at once.  I hope that through this blog you continue to see how small, affordable changes can make a BIG difference. 

The bedroom is connected to the bath and I think it's important for the two to tie together.  Therefore,  we're going with a very similar look and color scheme in the bathroom.

It looks like we're going with this taupe gray color on the walls. 

Gray is a huge wall color right now, and I love it for it's versatility.  You could completely change the look of the room down the line and still keep this very light and neutral wall color.  Love it!

As usual, I'm excited to see how things come together and even more excited about sharing it all will you.  Happy Friday!!!

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