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Someone Stop Me!

Someone please stop me before I decorate anything else for Christmas. Seriously, it is going to take me a month to take all of this stuff down and get it stored away. 

This weekend, I couldn't resist sprucing up this shelf and coat rack at my front entry.  It was really beginning to bug me.

I picked up this little guy at my favorite store for $0.99.   He was wooden, which I liked but ultimately I decided that he needed a little sparkle so I sprayed one side gold and left the other in the original wood finish.  You never know,  and I like options. 

Target December 9, 2012

I also found this tiered tray, sort of, at Goodwill (which is currently on the shelf at Target).  It was missing the top tray but for $2.99 who cares, I probably wouldn't use it for serving anyway. 

Here's the result!

I actually liked the hurricane and candle, so it got to stay.

A quick coat of gold Valspar spray paint and the pine cones had a new lease on life.

Ok, I'm done now.  Really, I am.  Right?

Here's a recap of all I have done.  Click the headers below to link back to the blog posts.

Merry Christmas!

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Cracking me up :) Love it!

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