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"C'mon In!"

I'm a firm believer in a landing spot in every home.  Whether it's the front door, the back door or both, it just seems to make good sense to have a place to drop things when you walk in the door. 

Not to mention, having a clearly defined entry helps to create a welcoming environment for guests. 

It's pretty simple and it doesn't take much.  In most cases you just need a few things like:
  • A place to hang coats
  • A boot tray
  • A place to sit
  • An umbrella stand
  • A place to drop the keys
I love the way this home takes advantage of the entry by creating a small vignette, that seems to invite you to drop your things by the door and make yourself comfortable.


Country cozy not for you?  This modern option achieves the same functionality in a much more chic way. 

I also think the usage of an office file cabinet at the front door makes complete sense.  What better place to sort through the mail and file than just as you come in the door?

And I hear those of you who don't think you have a space that's big enough.  Check these options out....

Proof that no space is too small to create an entry that says, "C'mon In!" 
Do you have a landing at your front or back door?  Do you have other items that help you to stay organized or help create a welcoming entry?  Tell me about it!  Simply click the words Click Here to Join the Conversation just below this post. Need help? Read this.

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Felice said... Reply To This Comment

I love these ideas Cheryl. In my first house I did not have a welcome landing. I decided to do one in the new house and these are some great ideas for when its ready. As always, you have outdone yourself!

Dwell by Cheryl said... Reply To This Comment

Felice, I think it makes a big difference. Glad the ideas helped!

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