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Three Down and One to Go!

First things first....
Congratulations to Alaine88! 
Winner of the November Home Goods Giveaway!
Well, I've been busy decking the halls the past couple of days and I've managed to get three of four trees up and decorated.  Woo-Hooo!
My Favorite Ornament
My office tree is the one that can be viewed in the window from outside of my home.  It's one of the old school trees that you have to assemble limb by limb.  You know the one you need the color code chart to figure out. Bless you if you ever loose that chart.  Lol! As much of a pain as that is, I actually prefer it that way.  It makes for a much fuller tree.  

I really like for the Christmas tree to reflect the style and colors in the space, so this one is all silver.  
I'm really not much for those sparce modern and empty trees, I like a full tree.  Actually, the more ornaments the better.

I'm  also not above mock presents if it helps to reinforce the theme or style within the setting.

So glad to have another one out of the way.  Just one more left, and its a BIGGIE.
Have you decked your halls?

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