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"Five Essentials for Outdoor Living"

Hello there strangers! Hope you all are enjoying your summer. It's just about that time of year when I start to get over the warm weather.  It certainly doesn't help that it's been scorching (95+)  here lately. 

I've just put the finishing touches on my key messages for a local news appearance on Monday.  I'm heading over to Fox 46's Good Day Charlotte to talk outdoor decorating.  Actually, I'll be doing a live patio makeover at the studio.  Fun!! As I was thinking through my messaging, I realized that it might be good info to share here as well.  I'm often asked on social media about my outdoor space. 


People seem to comment on how inviting it is and that got me thinking.  Most outdoor furniture groups come with the essentials; seating, basic cushions, table(s).  But what do you do after that?  There really are only a few key pieces you need to add to create an inviting outdoor space of your own. 

Here are my top five essentials for outdoor living...

1.      Rugs – Rugs define the seating area.  They also add an elevated level of comfort underfoot. 

2.      Colorful pillows – Pillows adds visual interest, style and comfort. There are tons of options available too.

3.      Shade- If you don’t have the luxury of a covered outdoor space, shade is essential. Patio umbrellas can be found in a multitude of colors and styles.  Like pillows, they provide the opportunity to add color and personal style to the space.

4.      Lighting – String lights, solar/outdoor lamps and candles add light and ambiance.  Candles can serve a dual purpose by warding off pesky insects if you opt for citronella.  

5.      Plants- Blooming annuals and/or foliage add texture and color and bring life to the space.  If you have a brown thumb, lovely faux options are available.

Bonus:  Adding a water feature can provide that calming "zen" effect to your space.  Fountains come in all shapes, sizes and price points.

These five essentials can be added to your outdoor spaces whether you have a porch, patio, gazebo, lanai, screened porch, deck or balcony.  Remember, the goal is to maximize your home's square footage and love every inch of it. 

Stay cool y'all!

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Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

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