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"A Poppin' Porch"

With temps soaring into the nineties this week, summer appears to be in full swing.  I mentioned in my last post that I'm in the midst of a large project with lots of fun elements involved.  I'm super excited about it because the client and I have very similar tastes.  The project includes four main areas and a whole lot of art.  We're working with much of the client's existing furniture, and I'm totally fine with that.  There are some beautiful pieces that I think we look great with a few updates. 

I thought I'd drop in to share a little about the outdoor space we'll be pulling together.  The home is new construction and they've opted for a screened porch for the outdoor living space.

The space is fairly large and in addition to the existing seating, the client would love to be able to seat three additional people. We'll be adding a bench to address this need.

The client loves color, so we're not holding back on this one.  The current cabana stripe wrought iron furniture will serve as the jumping off point for lots of poppin' color!

The Madcap Cottage Rousham Romp pink and green floral print will be used as throw pillows and we'll be pulling coordinating patterns and color from it as an accent.   

The client fell in love with this jungle print while out shopping and it's become the driving force for the entire space.  I'm especially loving waterfall coffee table and the vintage chest of drawers.  I love the addition of indoor furnishings to semi-outdoor spaces.  Combined with the monkey chandelier, and a comfy rug, this space is going to be super cozy.  We're also installing custom outdoor drapes to add a little privacy to the far end of the space.

The panels will add another layer of softness in addition to creating a barrier between their home and the neighbors.  This entire project is going to be jam packed with modern goodies and I can't wait to pull it all together. 

Stay tuned...

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