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Good Day Charlotte Appearance: Color Trends

Hard to believe we're already three weeks into the year, which means I'm already three weeks into my new life!  It's been an absolute world wind...in the best kind of way.

Shortly after announcing my big leap into full-time interior design, I received a message on social media from one of my followers. This particular follower happens to be one of the anchors on Fox 46's Good Day Charlotte. She mentioned how much she enjoyed following me and suggested that I come on the show sometime.  Needless to say I was flattered, but didn't think much about it.  I figured it was just a passing comment and likely wouldn't become anything.  I kindly responded with a, "Sure anytime!" and much to my surprise she responded back.  This time, she provided a contact email and asked that I send over my availability.  I did and she put me in contact with the show's Executive Producer.  Next thing you know, I'm slated for the Wednesday morning edition of one of Charlotte's most popular local news shows. 

It happened pretty quickly, so I scrambled to come up with a suggested outline and key messages/talking points.  I initially suggested that I discuss design trends, but the time just would not allow for a deep dive into what's hot, so I decided to stick with color.

With the script all spelled out, I needed to come up with a look.  I'd noticed that the seating was pretty low on the set and wanted to steer clear of any short dresses/skirts, so I opted for bright slacks instead. 

With my wardrobe read to go, I started to wonder if I should spring for professional make-up.  After a short deliberation, I decided, "What the heck!" it's a new year.  I'd been contacted over a year ago by a local MUA (Make-up Artist) who said she followed me on social media, loved my work and would love to provide her services should I ever need it.  With such a last minute request, I figured it was a long shot.  Turns out, she was available so we set up a VERY early in-home appointment.

Side Note:  Highly recommend Tamm of Beauty Unveiled Studio

Media Messaging ☑



I was all set and ready to go...

Check it out...

Such a fun day! Special thanks to Page Crawford and the folks at Good Day Charlotte!

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Yolanda said... Reply To This Comment

YOU GO GIRL!!! So happy and proud of you.

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