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"On the Hunt: Estate Sales"

Hi guys!  Hope you all had a great weekend!  Hard to believe summer is over and Labor Day is upon us.  I will admit, I'm more than happy to wave goodbye to the sweltering heat and humidity. This summer heat has been brutal for us in the Queen City and this weekend was no exception.  Thankfully, I was able to dodge the heat by getting in a little shopping.

Courtesy of Pure and Simple
If you know me, you know I'm always on the hunt for good deals.  One of my go-to sources for some of those great finds are estate sales.  Lucky for me, one of my good friends owns and estate sale company.  She's made it her goal to educate consumers on the ins and outs of hosting and shopping estate sales.

So many folks assume that estate sales are packed with tons of high priced valuable antiques that are well out of reach of the average person looking to score a good deal.  While many estate sales do feature fine furnishings, so many families are just looking to liquidate their possession that are much more like what we all own.  So, in an effort to prove my case, I snapped a few photos at this weekend's sale in Gastonia, NC so you could get a little taste of what's often available.  

For starters, there is often great vintage furniture.  Depending on the estate sale liquidator, the prices can be pretty competitive with sources like Craigslist. Pure and Simple is known for their organized sales that also boast great prices! 

via Pure and Simple

Even more than the furniture, I love the decorative accessories.  From mirrors to artwork to books to little what-not's, estate sales are a great place to snag unique items at very reasonable prices. What many may not realize is that often the family needs to get rid of everything.  So linens, tools, dishes, appliances and even cleaning supplies are often available. 

In fact, cleaning supplies are among my favorite items to pick up since they're usually group priced for a buck or two.  Have you checked the price on Swiffer refills lately?  Just sayin'. 

Seasonal items are also typical staples at these sales.  You can really score when it's off season as many customers aren't thinking of Christmas décor when it's August and 92 degrees outside. Luckily I am, because I picked up two rolls of wired ribbon and three rolls of wrapping paper for just $2 on Saturday!  I'll be thanking my lucky stars come December. 

If I had to share my best estate sale shopping tip, I'd say take your time and really think about how you could reinvent the items that are for sale.

Sometimes all it takes is imagining them in a different context to make you pull the trigger on a great deal.

via Veranda
So, wondering what I went home with?  Wonder no more.  Here are just a few of the goodies that made there way home with me.

For more information on estate sales and to find out where the next Pure and Simple sale happens click HERE.  Not local, check out www.estatesales.net for sales in your area.

Happy Hunting!

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