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One Day Design

This weekend I had the pleasure of working with a client on a One Day Design service. You can find more info about this design service offering HERE, but basically it allows clients to utilize my expertise for several hours any way they see fit.  This particular client had already filled her home with quite lovely furnishings and d├ęcor but had trouble committing to some items needed to finish things off. 

For starters the living room needed new accent colors.  The bold turquoise was a bit much for the space.  We hit the road shopping and scored some great pillows to provide a direct for the client to move in going forward. 

I love the addition of the animal print.  (Note: Keep in mind, this project is done in only one day so it's not about dramatic before and after photos and glossy staged photos.)  

We moved the trellis pillows to the two chairs adjacent the sofa.  We also moved the end table to one side of the sofa to create some balance and added matching lamps to both (sorry no picture of this).  

I think they'll need to add a couple of pieces of art work above these two chairs. Preferably they'll include the colors in the accent pillows we added. 

The next space we needed to address was the formal living room.  Already a stunner, the client just need a few additional items to tie things together 

We brought the blue over the sofa with the addition of these paisley pillows.

We also made the seating area opposite the sofa a little more cozy with the addition of a round accent table and throw pillows.

Originally, this bar tray was housed in the kitchen area, but that didn't seem to be the best function space for a beverage station given you already store beverage essentials in the kitchen.  So, we moved it to the formal living room and I think it's the perfect spot for offering you guest an adult beverage.   

A few well placed accessories and this room was all done!

The morning room was already home to a beautiful farmhouse table, upholstered chairs and a bench, so we just needed a not so fussy centerpiece.  The client really wanted to add in a little navy, so these Greek Key jars were perfect!
Also off the kitchen was this blank wall that was screaming for a narrow console.  Unfortunately, we didn't find the perfect piece, but we did buy these cool arrows.  They'll look awesome above a place to drop keys and such as the clients enter through their garage. 

One of the client's favorite finds of the day were these two faux antique corbels.  We used them to flank the large windows in the morning room behind the dining table.  They're still on the hunt for the perfect ceramic pieces to display, but they'll look fab when they find them.

Lastly, we needed to address the dining room.  This one was a bit tricky because the direction of the accessories hinges almost solely on the choice of art for that back wall. 

Art is so personal that I didn't want to push too hard in that area, so we settled with this sunburst mirror to replace the small white plaques above the buffet whose scale was all wrong.

After those wholes are spackled and the large bowl is filled with a new terrarium, this will look great too!  I'm loving the mixed metals. 

All in all, it was a great experience even though there was a lot to accomplish in just a few hours.  I think we did pretty well. 

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DecRenew Interiors said... Reply To This Comment

Looks great Cheryl. Pillows always change things up!!!

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