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"Mood Boards: Concept to Reality"

I just put the final touches on a design plan for my new client's family room. Surprisingly, this is often the most difficult part for me.  I think it's the fact that there are so many options and so many directions you could take things, that it can become a bit overwhelming. 

I make ever effort to listen really closely to what my clients say and get a good feel for their style and lifestyle during the on-site consultation.  Armed with this info, I work to put together a mood board designed to give them a sense of what the space will look like when completed.  Now, for many design bloggers, these boards are more electronic design (e-design) plans, outlining specific items to be utilized in the space. 

I'm always sure to explain that these mood boards are merely conceptual and may not include the exact items that will be used in the project.  Now, I know for some that can be a bit concerning, so I like to show them exactly what I mean.

It's pretty cool to see how a past concept became a reality.  Here are a few great examples...



If you look closely you'll notice that many of the pieces that appear in the reveal photos aren't the same ones that appeared in the mood board.  However, it's amazing that they still look pretty much the same from concept to reality.  You may have noticed that the one thing that does remain the same is the area rug.  That's because it's typically where I begin and with it usually having such visual impact on the space, I like to make certain we all agree on at least that element of the design.

My goal in sharing these past projects with them is to hopefully get them to put a little bit more trust in me.  Thankfully, it usually works.  I can't wait to share my latest project plan with you guys.  Here's hoping they like it!

Until next time...

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Jennifer (Pure & Simple) said... Reply To This Comment

LOVE seeing the comparison!

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

What program are you using to make these mood boards?? Thank you! Great designs!

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

What program are you using for boards? They look great ☺️

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Wow these designs really blows the way you work-hard. These trends of decor and interior design are so there. Like that blog.

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Up Up and Aways said... Reply To This Comment

Nice bllog thanks for posting

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