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"Project Earthtones Revealed"

Hey Y'all!  Dropping in today to share the results of my latest client project.  As I mentioned in my last post, this one was really just a refresh. 
I helped the client select a few key items to get started and then agreed to come back to pull it all together.  We put together this mood board to give a sense of the direction we wanted to go. 
The space was essentially a blank slate. The furnishings and artwork were great but it just fell flat beyond that.  Here's a look at a few before and afters.



It always amazes me how draperies can make a space.  
This project was all about layering on the earthtones and making things more cozy.  The room didn't have a fireplace and the client loved the idea of adding one for it's form and functionality.  The placement was tricky but I think tucked in this corner with a few treasures placed on top to create an eye-appealing vingette is perfect. 
So, what do you think? 

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LaShaun said... Reply To This Comment

Love this! It's amazing how you pulled this room together. It had all the pieces but was lacking something. Great Job!!

Elf said... Reply To This Comment

It looks so warm and inviting now, what a great job!

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