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Client Project: Grown Up Glam!

Hi there!  Hope you're having a great week.  Things are really starting to pick up over here.  My calendar is filling up quickly and I'm starting to feel like the holidays are upon us ALREADY! 

I thought I'd pop in to share with you my plans for my latest project.  I'm SO excited about this one.  The clients are a young family that I actually met at church years ago.  The best part of this one is the fact that my style is extremely similar to theirs.  Surprisingly enough, that doesn't happen very often.  I'm usually more focused on creating a look that is in line with the style and preferences of the clients, but this time it's a lot like designing for myself.  I suppose that's why it's been a little difficult getting started. 


After my little creative block that I blogged about HERE, I was able to land on this beautiful gray and orange floral as a jumping off point for the design. 

I love that it has this beautiful celadon green and muted teal mixed in.  They'll be great colors to pull out for accents.  I'm always looking to mix it up and try things I haven't already done before. 

We're starting with the main living/family room and this is the direction we're heading.

They had me draw up a plan for the eat-in kitchen, not really sure if they were ready to tackle it.

I put together a mood board that completely cozied the space up and now looks like we're moving ahead with that project too.  Love it when that happens!  I'm so excited about the prospect of doing a custom banquette and potentially adding an electric fireplace.  I have one in my bedroom and LOVE it!

Lastly, I FINALLY get to do a formal dining space and we're going for grown-up glam. 

Someone is finally going to let me use wallpaper.  Can't wait!!! 

So, what do you think of the orange and gray color scheme?  I'd love to hear for you. 

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Yolanda said... Reply To This Comment

LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!! The dining room is absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait for the big reveal.

Alison said... Reply To This Comment

I agree completely ! Love love love - you have such great ideas Cheryl! Can't wait to see more!

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