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Guest Post: Take Two

As a designer and small business owner, I can't tell you how much I rely on social media to establish brand identity and to attract new clients.  However, one of the biggest benefits has been developing a social network of like-minded, design enthusiasts most of whom I've never met.  I get so much inspiration, encouragement and support from other designers through social media.  It has truly become a virtual support system.  One of the perks of connecting with other bloggers is the opportunity to guest post on each other's blogs.  Since we each have our own dedicated followers, it's nice to mix things up a bit and feature other design professionals. 

Apparently, it's a guest post kind of week, so I'm over on fellow Charlottean, Beth Barden's Design Post Interiors blog sharing in her Take Two Series.  Beth asked me to share the answers to two thought provoking questions an one pretty fun bonus question.  Click HERE to check it out and this photo will make a little more sense.

Happy Friday!!!

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