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"The Perfect Panels"

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I spent mine with family and friends and boy am I exhausted.  I love the holidays, but they are so NOT relaxing to me.  I must make a concerted effort to get in some R & R over the Christmas holidays. 
Just popping in to share with you a little update to my living room. 
It's amazing how the whole decorating thing has a tendency to snowball.  Once I painted the wall stencil, it became painfully obvious that my drab drapes needed to go.  I'd been on the hunt for the perfect panel fabric.  I wanted an something that would not only work, but also provide some flexibility for the future. 
I saw this geometric brown and cream fabric to which I instantly was attracted.  Of course, you can imagine that I was pretty hesitant to go with another trellis print in this space, but in the end I went with my gut.  It just spoke to me, so I took the risk and I LOVE it!

Totally thinking about painting the china cabinet now.

It's a small change but it makes a BIG difference. 

P.S. Thanks for all of the love on the TV segment post.  I really appreciate your kind words. 

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Dwellings by DeVore said... Reply To This Comment

It looks great Cheryl! Love the pattern!

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